Lori Havey Deletes Picture Of Trey Songz On Instagram For ‘Flirting With Other Women’


Lori Havey-and-Trey Songz-omasitalks

Looks like Lori Harvey, the stepdaughter of veteran actor and comedian Steve Harvey has broken up with her new man, singer Trey Songz.

The pair who started dating late last year had only confirmed their relationship by going public with a heavy PDA this year.

According to Gossip in the City, Harvey was the one who broke up with Songz after he was seen flirting with other women, and to get back at him, she allegedly went to hang out with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton while they were in the club together.

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They reported: ‘Lori Havey & Trey Songz got into an argument on Thursday at his party because he was flirting with other women in his section. So to get back Lori went and did Lewis,’

Harvey has deleted the photo of her and Trey on her Instagram, which confirmed their relationship, but Trey still has a photo with her on his page. The pair are also still following each other on Instagram.



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