50 Cent Takes It Back To “How To Rob” Days On Teairra Mari



“I’m gonna need her to hand over her lace front.”

50 Cent has always been a ruthless individual. With a bully’s iron will and endless charisma to match, it makes him a uniquely formidable opponent.

Those who find themselves in opposition to the G-Unit rapper are likely to find themselves on the receiving end of a protracted Instagram siege, in which memes can and will be used as ammunition. While it’s unclear whether 50 has been personally dabbling in Photoshop (or MS Paint for that matter), or if he’s got a full-time meme creator on retainer, the results speak for themselves.

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Taking to his usual stomping grounds, which is to say Instagram, 50 issued a statement loud and clear. Evoking shades of “How To Rob,” Fif pledged to play the role of “lace front repo man,” should his nemesis Teairra Mari fail to pony up the $30,000 she owes him.

We’ve already seen Mari stand defiant in the face of 50’s online onslaught, serious though he may appear. Given this recent update, however, it would seem as if 50 is willing to take this one to the end and back. Can Mari withstand the stubborn perseverance of such a foe? Particularly one with such a keen mind for gallows humor?


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