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7 Unavoidable Things Nigerian Couples Experience After Wedding





Marriage life is sweet and beautiful if you marry the right person. But it could be your greatest nightmare if you are with the wrong person.


A lot of things happen in the lives of newly wedded Nigerian couples. Some find it difficult to adjust to their new homes, while others regret marrying their spouse.

Well, in this article, we are going to share with you, some unavoidable things Nigerian Couples experience after the wedding.

#1. Payment of Wedding Debt

It sounds funny, but it’s the reality happening in most Nigerian couples’ lives.

As a matter of fact, over 75% of newly wedded couples spend the first one year of their marriage life paying back the debt they incurred during the wedding.

But come to think of it, is that not madness? How can someone incur huge debt just to impress people about his or her wedding?

If you are planning your wedding, try not to yield to people’s pressure. Do it according to your capacity.

Don’t even think of an elaborate wedding at all if you don’t have the financial wherewithal.

I know of someone who earns less than 60k a month. When he was planning his marriage, he borrowed about a million naira from somewhere. Guess what? He’s still paying the debt till date.

If you want to have rest of mind, please don’t borrow money to plan your wedding. It could affect your marriage when you are being pressurized to pay back.

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#2. One Of The Spouses Is Still Attached To His Or Her Ex
Attachment to ex-lover is also a common challenge newly wedded couples face after the wedding. If you understand how ‘Okafor’s Law’ works, you will know the danger of this.

Many marriages are having problems today just because a partner isn’t seeing anything wrong with befriending his or her ex.

And this often happen during the early days in marriage. But if couples fail to trash this, it could degenerate into something more serious.

#3. One of the spouses may start regretting
The first year of marriage is often very challenging. And sometimes, the wife or the husband may start regretting the marriage.

This always happens when a spouse has unfinished business with his or her ex. So, they will start comparing their partner with their former lover unconsciously.

And it could be a serious issue in the marriage as they will no longer see good in anything their partners do. It’s actually a stage and if the couples genuinely love themselves, they will survive it.

#4. The couples genuinely love themselves
The experience is not always negative. Sometimes, the couple may genuinely love themselves. These couples find true love in each other.

Interestingly, they can go the extra mile to sacrifice for each other. And they can barely live without being together. That’s the definition of true love.

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This doesn’t mean that they don’t argue. But they have a way of resolving issues among themselves.

#5. The husbands who are chronic womanizers
You don’t need a soothsayer to know that some naija men are chronic womanizers. These guys don’t even have respect for their marital vows.

They basically go after anything on skirt. Yeah, it’s that serious. But problems like these don’t happen overnight.

If your man was a notorious philanderer before you guys got married, you can’t expect him to stop overnight…

#6. Some Wives will have issues with their mother-in-law
Some mother in-laws can make life difficult for their son’s wife. No matter how nice and well behaved you are, they have a way of triggering the monster in you.

Except you have a nice and God-fearing mother in law, it could be your greatest nightmare after wedding.

#7. Some people may find out some dirty secrets about their partners
Nothing breaks a newly wedded heart greater than discovering some dirty secrets about someone they love. It’s usually very crazy.

I know someone who discovered that her husband has a child 8 months after their wedding. And I also met a man who told me that his wife once dated his elder brother.

Trust me, things like these destabilize or sometimes break marriages.

Source: NaijaLoveTips



Mind Blowing Things To Talk About With Your Crush





Knowing the right things to talk about with your crush is more complicated than you think. You don’t want her to see you as a boring guy. Neither do you want her to see you as a talkative. Yeah, it’s that serious.


Don’t forget that good communication skill is vital if you must win any girl over. It’s not by talking gibberish all day. But you must be witty and entertaining in your conversation. With this, you can easily create a bond and make her fall in love with you.

An older adult once told me that sometimes, you tend to win a woman’s heart faster if you can make her laugh. For this reason, you must know the right things to talk about with your crush when you guys are together.

Let me prepare your mind. Interesting conversations with her may not always make her fall in love with you. But it’s a step in the right direction. As a rule, never hesitate to tell your crush how you feel about them. Otherwise, you will become the lord of friend zone.

Having a crush can be very beautiful. Sadly, the feelings may not be mutual sometimes. But if you make yourself fun to be with, everything could fall in place in due time.

#1. Talk About Your Dreams
One of the most exciting things to talk about with your crush is your dreams. Tell your crush what your dreams are and how you hope to achieve them. Trust me; nothing makes a conversation with the opposite sex more interesting than discussing dreams and life goals.

Furthermore, let your crush know the things you are passionate about. Once they realize that you are someone with a big dream, they will grow fond of you.

But try no to make the conversation one-sided. If your crush is patient enough to listen to your dreams and life goals, you should listen to theirs as well. Pay attention to what they tell you about their dreams. And if possible, give suggestions on how to achieve their dreams faster.

Interestingly, your crush will naturally fall in love with you once she sees that you are passionate about their dreams.

#2. Ask Personal Questions If Possible
You will agree with me that it’s sometimes intimidating to talk to your crush. Well, if you find yourself in this situation, you can trigger to do the talking. How? It’s a bit easy, ask her some personal questions.

But don’t be too pushy about your question, it may spoil the moment. If she refuses to answer your question, give her a break. She will loosen up over time.

You can ask her questions like “what they love most in life” and what motivates them the most. Ensure that you are detailed in your conversation. And if your crush is the type who love to talk more about her passion, then you are in for a very long discussion.

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However, don’t jump from one conversation to another unnecessarily. Allow topics to unfold themselves naturally. If you can do this, you will surely have a great conversation time with your crush.

#3. Talk About Their Hobbies
Sometimes, discussing hobbies with your crush provide a soft landing for a better conversation. The beauty of knowing your crush’s hobbies is that it gives you an insight into what they truly are.

Let me remind you that it’s not all about knowing the right things to talk about with your crush. But you must give full attention to the conversation.

Remember the essence of coming up with the conversation in the first place is to make your crush fall in love with you. So, you must play your card well to get it right.

Disappointingly, there are instances when your crush has no hobbies. Well, if that’s the case, you can ask them what they would like to try.

And if you succeed in making them try something fun, trust me, she will want to spend more time with you.

#4. Discuss Travel Destination
Travel destination is a great topic to discuss with your crush. But before you bring such topic, ensure that he or she loves travelling. It will be unwise to discuss top travel destination with someone who has little or no interest in travel.

But if your crush love travelling, it’s a fun topic to talk about. You can start by asking your crush on their favourite vacation. Get her to tell you more about the vacation and what she likes so much about it.

Furthermore, you can ask questions like where would she love to go in her next vacation. Discussions like these bring bonds between you and your crush. And over time, they will fall in love with you.

#5. Events
Bringing up events related topic is another right way to start a conversation with your crush. If you both attend the same school, you can talk about upcoming events or party.

If you guys are colleagues at work, you can discuss work-related events. But if you notice that your crush isn’t too enthusiastic about work, you can talk about any other event.

If you can discuss an event your crush is passionate about, your conversation with them will be amazing.

#6. Your Favorite Movies and Actors
Favorite movies and actors are among the safe things to talk about with your crush. Discussing this topic often makes a conversation more interesting.

Furthermore, it enables you to know your crush better. After discussing favorite movies and actors, you could tell if she likes romantic movies or thrilling action movies.

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Interestingly, you can even invite her to watch her favorite movies together. When you pay attention to the little details, you can impress her better than you think.

#7. Discuss Dirty Little Secrets
It may sound funny, but talking about dirty little secrets could deepen your bond with your crush. It brings you closer as she believes that you trust her so much to share your secrets with her.

Over time, she may also want to share her secrets with you. But never judge her. It doesn’t matter how nasty your crush’s secrets are, don’t judge her or make her feel guilty. Trust me; it will only create a distance and ruin your chances with her.

And once your crush notice that you aren’t judging her actions, she tends to be more free with you. Don’t forget that you closer you guys are, the more she develops feelings for you.

#8. Talk About Your Favorite Book and Author
Yeah, your favorite book and the author could be another good thing to talk about. And if your crush loves books as much as you do, you guys could just be spending time together dating in the library.

#9. Politics and Sports
Politics and sports are great topics to discuss with your crush. There is always something to talk about in politics and sports. From bad leadership to strict government policy, and corruption. There’s always something to talk about in politics.

But be sure that your crush is a politics freak before you come up with such discussion. Otherwise, it could be boring for them.

Furthermore, you can talk about sports and your favorite football club. Most people love sports these days.

#10. Discuss Things That Irritate You
People may think it’s wrong to discuss things that irritate you with your crush. Trust me; it’s one of the best things to talk about.

For instance, your crush will see you as a nice person if they discover that you don’t like people to be oppressed. Or you frown at injustice anywhere. And if these are things you crush dislike also, it enables you to connect better.

#11. Discuss Your Past
Your past is also one of the things to talk about with your crush. If you had a terrible relationship experience in the past, discussing it with your crush will be a good idea. And if your crush truly cares about you, he or she will show empathy.

If your crush feels touched by your past, they may want to discuss their history with you. And if their past makes them cry, you should be there to give them a shoulder to lean on. It’s the first in the right direction.

Source: NaijaLoveTips

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How To Know If A Girl Likes You – Ladies Deepest Secrets Revealed





Girls are beautiful creatures. Yet they are very complicated to handle. Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to know if a lady is into you. But in this article, you will learn how to know if a girl likes you.


Understanding a lady is more complicated than engineering mathematics. It’s a puzzle most guys find extremely difficult to crack.

Ladies manifest their love for you in different ways. Annoyingly, they expect you to understand their body language.

A friend of mine once asked a lady out, and the lady outrightly declined. He tried for a while, and she said no. The guy started dating another girl because the one he initially asked out rejected him.

Guess what happened? The girl came back to my friend that she loves him just that she was trying to play hard to get. It sounds funny, huh? Well, that’s how ladies behave…

So, here are some tricky ways to know if a girl likes you.

#1. When She Always Smiles at You
One of the green lights girls give when they like you is to always smile at you. Whenever you are having a conversation with her, she smiles at you a lot.

Once you see a lady smiling at you always, there are chances that she likes you. However, I would advise you not to rush things. Just take your time and follow the flow.

Like I mentioned earlier, ladies are very complicated sometimes. So, it will be unwise to ask her out because she smiled at you one or two times.

The smile must be natural and real. I mean, the ones that crinkle up her eyes.

#2. She Finds Whatever You Say Funny
When a girl always laughs at whatever you say, it’s a sign that she likes you. And when both of you spend most of the time laughing and cracking jokes together, the bond will become stronger.

My friend (John) once told me that he didn’t ask his first girlfriend out. He was always cracking her up with funny jokes.

Sometimes, they will spend time together saying funny things and laughing out loud.

However, one afternoon, when they were together, the girl kissed him. Guess what? That was how the relationship started.

Surprisingly, that girl became his wife, and they are both happy together. Most times, love happens in the least expected ways.

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#3. She Always Feels Uneasy When She Meets Your eyes
Another tip on how to know if a girl likes you is when she feels Uneasy whenever she meets your eyes.

Some girls will always want to shoot a short glance at you when you are with them.

But they don’t want you to know that they are looking at you. That’s why they always feel uneasy when they meet your eyes.

Although a girl can still love you and confidently look at your eyes, it’s not common…

#4. She Always Notices You
When a girl likes you, she notices you even in the crowd. She observes you from a distance and will always commend your actions.

However, ladies may notice you differently in different situations. But the important thing is that when a lady always notices you from a crowd, it’s an indication that he loves.

#5. She Always Licks Her Lips When She’s With You
You don’t need a soothsayer to know that a girl likes you when she licks her lips whenever she’s with you. It’s an obvious green light that ladies usually give when they are attracted to you.

According to experts, when a lady licks her lips, it’s a way of drawing your attention to her lips. In other words, she is inviting you to kiss her.

However, you have to be patient when interpreting some of these signs. And try as much as possible not to take action too early. Again, sometimes, when a lady licks her lips frequently, it could just be a bad habit. But if she’s doing it because she wants you to take action, you will be able to interpret it.

#6. She Always Enjoys Your Company
When a lady likes you, she will always want to be around you. She will have a great conversation with you and even tell you some of her deepest secrets. And when you speak, she will give you full attention.

#7. She Gets Really Jealous When You Flirt With Other Girls
When a lady likes you, she tends to get jealous when she sees other girls around you. She may not react immediately when she sees you flirting with other girls.

But she will bring up the topic later in the future to confirm if the lady in question is your lover. She may say something like, “Please leave me alone so that your girlfriend, I saw the other day would not break my head.”

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A statement like this may seem like a joke to you. But she’s indirectly asking if you are in a relationship with the girl she saw you with the other time.

#8. She Always Put Her Hand On Your Thigh
Another tip on how to know that a girl likes you is when she put her hands on your thigh too often. If she only does it once, it could be an honest mistake. But if she repeats the same action regularly, she may be trying to send you a greenlight.

Most times, guys usually feel uncomfortable and nervous when a lady places her hand on their thigh. But the players will keep calm and look into the girl’s eyes for the next action.

#9. She Jokily Asks You Out for a Date
When a lady tells you to go out for a date with her jokily, she may be indirectly telling you to ask her out. As a rule, don’t get too excited when she casually asks you out for a date. But if she keeps pushing for it, you can make the first move.

Sometimes, a girl can even playfully tell you that “we will look good together as a couple.” Even though she says it casually, it could be an indirect way of telling you she likes you.

#10. She’s Fond of Touching Whenever You Are With Her
This is another helpful tip on how to know if a girl likes you once you notice that a girl is fond of touching you whenever you are together; it a sign that she ones to be with you.

Depending on the girl, she can come up with different excuses to touch you. Whatever her reasons are, when the touch is becoming too frequent, it’s an indication that she wants you to ask her out.

#11. Her Friends Indirectly Give You Clues That She Likes You
Sometimes, her friends may give you a lot of clues that she loves you. In fact, it’s one of the most straightforward tips on how to know if a girl likes you.

What her friends do or how they react when you are around them can give you a clue of what she’s been telling them in your absence.

Source: NaijaLoveTips

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7 Heartbreaking Lies Nigerian Men Give When You Catch Them Cheating




Lies-Men-tell-Once-You-catch-them-768x512 (1)

Lies Nigerian Men give When You Catch Them Cheating


Without much ado, here are some of the excuses Nigerian men give when you catch them cheating…

#1. She Seduced Me
We have heard this several times. Most men caught cheating always claimed that the other person seduced them. Well, even if the story is true, he could have resisted the temptation and say No. You can always fight temptation if you genuinely love your partner.

#2. She Didn’t Mean Anything To Me
When you catch a Nigerian man cheating, he will always tell you that the girl means nothing to him. Trust me, the last thing your partner wants to hear is you telling her that the person doesn’t mean anything to you.

#3. It Was The Devil’s Handiwork
You hear that right. Nigerian men also blame the devil for cheating on their wives. Isn’t that funny? Well, it’s one of the most common excuses men give when you catch them cheating.

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#4. I Didn’t Want To Do It but…
He will always tell you that I never wanted to do it. But I don’t know what came over me. Well, if he respects your feelings and the relationship, trust me, he could have overcome any temptation because he won’t want to hurt you for any reason.

#5. It Was Never My Intention To Hurt You
Once you catch him redhanded, he will tell you it’s never his intention to hurt you. Really? He has been sleeping with different girls in the neighbourhood, yet he claimed he never intended to hurt you.

Do you really fall for that lie? Let me tell you the truth… If he doesn’t want to hurt you, he won’t have cheated on you in the first place.

#6. It Only Happened Once
Don’t expect your guy to agree that he has been cheating on you. He will only admit if you catch on the act. And he will tell you that since he has been with you, this is the only time he has been tempted to cheat on you. Well, you don’t expect your boyfriend to admit that he’s a serial cheat, do you?

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#7. You Are The One I Truly Love
Another common lie your man will tell when you catch him cheating is, “You are the one I truly love, I’m just passing the time with her.”

But he fails to understand how heartbreaking that statement makes you feel. Ask yourself; if you were to turn the table around, he catches you cheating on him, will he take it likely. Of course, the answer is NO.

Any man that cheats on you doesn’t deserve your love. Even if he begs and promises to turn a new leaf, he will always cheat on you again. Do you know why? A snake is still a snake; it doesn’t matter if the skin changes.

Source: NaijaLoveTips

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